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June 20 2007
It was recently brought to my attention that the members avatar feature was erranous, and I have now fixed it. You may now upload/modify your avatar as you wish.

Sorry about this, and thanks to all who reported it!

June 19 2007
Hey Guys!!
Sorry about all the inactivity.. I have been swamped under with work, please feel free to add your own content by the forms provided, and thanks for using n99creations.com!
Still about a month [and a half] or work lined up!

May 17 2007
n99creations is relaunched! I have finally managed to get my site up and running again! This time, bigger and better!
It now runs off a full mySQL database and is a lot stabler. I still have LOTS of work to do, but at the moment there is enough content for users to use.

Be patient, more should be added shortly!

My blog is still under construction =] Be patient, it should be up shortly.